Who we are.

  • We were founded in 2017 after developing years of making our own websites and working with lead designers to produce logos, graphic designs and also social media marketing.

    We believe we have developed a great team now to deliver excellent results under our strong leadership.

Founders background.

  • Co-founder – Imran Dean
    Imperial business school graduate and a professional with over 3 years of experience in financial services. Passionate about working with clients globally to solve real world problems and generate value for the client as well as have a positive economic and social impact.

    Dynamic and creative individual with the ability to spot opportunity and deliver value to the client. Passionate about working with businesses and set a growth strategy and use his marketing and digital expertise to identify hidden value for the client.

  • Co-founder –Zafar Khan
    Analyst with two degrees and a strong commercial acumen, modelling and project management skills. Keen on continuous learning and applying skills and knowledge across industries on complex projects. Committed to value creation, business improvement, product development, cost savings and achieving commercial excellence.

    Innovative, logical and solutions focused with the ability to learn quickly and set a strong strategic vision, to successfully deliver complex and multi-faceted projects and programmes. Experience of working with different stakeholder groups to ensure project and business objectives are achieved to time, cost and quality.

How we work.

1 We first like to get to know our client's business before we can focus on any projects. We will initiate an hour long Skype session on your business. We can than find out what you require and what is best for your business. As a generic package will not get you the results.

2 We will than work on the strategy with you and how we execute the strategy. We will work closely with you to set milestones that we can both be happy with.

3 This is where we deliver the plan and start showing you the results of our work.